NEW! Tax Incentives for manufacturing companies for 2015



$25,000 WRITE-OFF ($1 and $101 buyout leases qualify!)


For 2015 the Federal Section 179 deduction has been restored to its 2001 limit of $25,000 plus an adjustment for inflation. These limits may be adjusted by changes to federal law.


Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction: This deduction allows a company to deduct the first $25,000 of equipment (Section 179 Property) purchased in 2015 from their taxable income. For companies purchasing (or leasing with a $1 or $101 buyout) up to $200,000 of equipment, this deduction is available in full. It then phases out on a dollar for dollar basis for amounts over $200,000.



In addition to the $25,000 write-off, companies may be eligible to deduct federal depreciation on the adjusted basis of their qualified equipment, state depreciation, local tax incentives and interest expenses. Equipment must be purchased and placed into service on or before December 31, 2015.



Depending on how you have structured your business, purchasing needed equipment within your business can lower your personal tax liability in addition to that which the the IRS affords your business.

Simply stated, reducing ANY taxable income reduces tax liability.

Consult a qualified tax professional for more information


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