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Burkhardt + Weber CNC Horizontal Machine Tools    


BURKHARDT+WEBER has been producing machine tools at the Reutlingen, Germany site since 1888. Today, some 220 employees continue the long tradition of making high-precision machine tools. The strong, motivated team guarantees first-class machine quality.


BURKHARDT+WEBER belongs to Brazil's largest machine tool manufacturer, Indústrias Romi SA. With over 2 000 employees, Romi builds more than 3 000 turning, milling and heavy-duty cutting machines per year and has its own foundry for producing series and individual castings. Just like BURKHARDT+WEBER, Romi has a very high degree of vertical integration and develops all its machine tools according to the latest technical insights. (to view the line-up, click photos)

Roller-Guided Machining Centres MCX series      CLICK FOR SPECIFICATION SHEET


All Burkhardt + Weber MCX Horizontal Machining Centers are powerfully dimensioned, feature high-torque spindle units and have, on all axes, pre-loaded precision ball screws or a high-accuracy rack-and-pinion drive. This guarantees high long-term accuracy, even while roughing in parallel with precision-machining.


On all MCX models, we use generously dimensioned linear guideways in order to guarantee long-term accuracy. Rapid traversing speeds of up to 60 m/min and accelerations of up to 5 m/s², offer adequate dynamics and ensure brief non-productive times. The cast gantry column offers especially high damping properties and thermal inertia. It has at its center of gravity, additional guide carriages for ensuring long-term accuracy.

B+W MCX.jpg
Burkhardt + Weber, Niigata, SNK, Mazak, Mori Seiki, O-M,

High Precision Machining Centers µ series              CLICK FOR SPECIFICATION SHEET


The µ series developed by BW is based on decades of experience garnered in the manufacture of high-precision machine tools. Increasingly precise components measuring just a few µ call for the highest-precision machining centers. BW has just the right solution - its µ series.


An inherently rigid, heavy machine bed with manually scraped linear guideways in accuracy class G0, coupled with temperature-controlled active cooling throughout the machine bed and machine frame provides the basis for optimized precision. All axis drives are water-cooled. In order to guarantee optimum temperature stability, the entire machine is made from materials with very similar thermal expansion coefficients.


The machines are fitted with a stable, powerful high-performance spindle that has a water-cooled drive and hollow shaft motor. 32 kW of drive output and 610 Nm of torque at 100 % duty cycle permit effective precision machining. Ingenious sensor technology monitors spindle expansion, spindle temperature, and fine vibration behavior. The slightest changes are compensated in a matter of milliseconds.


All peripheral assemblies, including pallet changer and tool magazine are from the tried and proven MCX standard series.

Burkhardt + Weber, Niigata, SNK, Mazak, Mori Seiki, O-M,

Slide-Guided(Box Way) Machining Centres MCR series   CLICK FOR SPECIFICATIONS SHEET



The MCR series is the perfect solution for all applications that call for heavy-duty machining with optimised damping properties coupled with high-accuracy precision machining. MCR machining centers are very strongly dimensioned and feature powerful spindle units and over-wide sliding guides. The sliding guides guarantee very high long-term accuracy thanks to low surface pressures.


The guides are hand-scraped by experienced specialists and executed as sliding guides to all sides.


The cast gantry column offers especially high damping properties and thermal inertia and features a long, wide guide for guaranteeing high stability.

MCR Boxway.jpg
Burkhardt + Weber, Niigata, SNK, Mazak, Mori Seiki, O-M,
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